Inside the Kinopoisk Logo Evolution: Cross-Platform, Custom, and Cohesive 

On its 16th birthday, Kinopoisk, Russia’s #1 streaming platform, or the Russian-speaking Netflix, unveiled a new look, going deeper than mere aesthetics. This update is all about brand evolution.

The CoFo team used its magic to reshape the Kinopoisk logo and emblem, giving it a new meaning along with the new look. The resulting symbol embodies unity: the rays of K converge, reminiscent of people gathered around their movie screens. The symbol was created to be versatile, adjusting to fonts, tone, and contrast, exuding Kinopoisk’s renewed energy.

The emblem’s rays? They’re present in various versions of the logo. In crafting it, we factored in the peculiarities of how the logo will work on the web, letter spacing, and its TV presence. You will immediately spot our
K among any other logo ensembles!

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Team: Maria Doreuli, Liza Rasskazova, Nikita Sapozhkov
Visual style and animation: Tuman Studio
Kinopoisk team: Merdan Agayev, Roman Shimansky


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