CoFo Sona Promo: The Synergy of AI and Type

At CoFo, we take typeface releases seriously. As much as we care about the quality of each typeface, we also don’t like to repeat ourselves in the way we bring a new typeface to life. This time, we collaborated with Tolya Graschenko and Afterimage. They came up with the idea to create a karaoke promo for our newest typeface, CoFo Sona. The resulting video steps onto the stage in a revolutionary AI-aided karaoke teaser. Afterimage and CoFo invite you to sing along with a classy 50s style video featuring the beauty of Sona.


Maria Doreuli, the founder of CoFo, describes the project:
“We felt that CoFo Sona, being one of the most unique typefaces we’ve designed, deserved a special promo. Something as fresh and unexpected as the typeface itself.”

CoFo Sona, designed by Liza Rasskazova, is a geometric sans serif typeface that marries two contrasting concepts: neutrality and vitality. With its clean, impartial appearance, it aligns with modern geometric sans. Yet, the humanist influence is evident in its proportions and details, injecting a dynamic, energetic feel that sets it apart.


The subtle horizontal stress creates a powerful impression, demonstrating its uniqueness and adaptability. With four weights available for both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, CoFo Sona transcends language boundaries and can be used across a wide range of applications.

Just like how our AI-driven promo and CoFo Sona teamed up to put on a show, this typeface is ready to team up with you too. Think of it as your typographic partner, always on-hand to help you get your point across just right. Its compatibility with both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets broadens its reach, making it a perfect choice for multicultural brands seeking a unified visual voice across different markets. Whether your goal is to capture attention, evoke emotion, or deliver a clear message, CoFo Sona is ready to be your reliable typographic partner.


Explore the CoFo Sona typeface in more detail, download a trial version, or purchase a license for immediate use at the Contrast Foundry’s website. Stay updated on the latest designs and projects by following Contrast Foundry on Instagram.

Type designer: Liza Rasskazova
Team: Maria Doreuli, Anna Khorash, Tasya Petelina
Editor: Ekaterina Barannikova

Video production: Afterimage with the great help of Artificial Intelligence
Creative and art direction: Anatoly Grashchenko
Motion: Liubov Sokolova

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