Custom fonts

Typefaces are an integral part of a brand identity, just as important as logo and colour. They are a tool of communication and they need to embody a certain personality. There are many aspects to consider: designated use, character set, language requirements, technical support, licensing restrictions.

That’s why many companies and organisations choose to create their own typeface—to make sure that what they are using not only represents their character, but also covers all specifications. Whether you decide to commission us with a completely new design, or you want to modify or expand one of our existing fonts to fit your needs, we will guide you through the meticulous process of research, design and testing. We will work together to find the right style and cover every possible aspect: starting from the idea and up to the final result—your user licence.

Bespoke lettering

Typefaces are powerful systems, but they are not always the right choice. Maybe you’re looking for a new logo and you don’t want to just set it in an existing typeface—when you have a specific name or word, there is an opportunity to make sure the letters fit perfectly in that exact combination. Whether it is just one letter, a word or short text, lettering can offer even more diversity and complete customisation.

We offer our experience and expertise in calligraphy, illustration and typography to create a bespoke piece of lettering. We will sketch, experiment with different options and tools and come up with a high-quality drawing, polished with attention to detail customary to all typeface designers. So when you need something unique, lettering is the right solution.

Typographic expertise

Too many typefaces to choose from? Not sure if these two fonts are a good match? As if choosing the right typeface wasn’t hard enough, but then all the issues of using it right start coming up: “Is this layout suitable for our users?”, “Is that weight readable on screen?”, “What point size should the body text be?”.

Typography is a discipline full of rules and specifications, of small but important details, and many designers simply lack knowledge and confidence when working with fonts. We want to live in a world where typography in whole and our typefaces in particular are used well. Not just because we’re type fanatics, but because better typography means better communication and better user experience. That’s why we offer our expertise on all typography related matters and are ready to consult you on how to improve your existing typography, layouts, choice of typefaces. Because small changes can make a big difference, a difference that will be crucial for your project’s clarity and successful presentation.

Logo refinement

Maybe, you already have a logo, but it was designed many years ago, when digital design wasn’t as advanced as it is now, so you’d like to freshen it slightly up. Maybe you just got a designer or an agency to draw you a brand new logo, and you want to make sure it’s perfect before rolling out your new branding. There are many reasons to seek our counsel on your logo. It is the brand's symbol, so you have every right to make sure it’s 100% perfect.

Just leave it to us! Thanks to font editors that offer way more control than the regular design tools, we will make sure that the shapes are refined and ready to be used in any required size or medium. Armed with an eye for detail and vast experience in type and lettering, we will refine your idea, tweak your drawing or suggest and make all the necessary improvements.


So, you want to create a brand new typeface for a client? Not sure where to start? You already have a brief, but need some help defining the full scope of the project?

We will walk you through our process of designing a typeface. We can discuss everything that you need to consider for your project (character sets, languages, styles, usage, licensing). We will cover typography fundamentals, new font technology, design trends and all the necessary information needed to develop a clear brief. This way, you can be sure that your custom type project will run smoothly and yield a successful result.

Want to take your typography skills to the next level? Become an expert at choosing type and working with typography?

Our team has 10+ years of experience in type education and we love sharing our expertise. A better understanding of typography can help with so many aspects of design: choosing fonts for your projects, creating unique custom wordmarks, working with complex typographic systems in a range of languages and commissioning custom fonts. We can develop a program that will suit your needs—anything from a single lecture to a series of theory and practice based classes.

Type can also be really fun! Shaw we organize an informal hands-on activity for your team?

Type sketching workshop is what you need! We will work with markers, paper, experiment, have fun, gather and iterate ideas. Come up with a lettering for team t-shirts, a set of slickers or maybe even a new logo for your company, who knows ;) Most importantly, we will spend time away from our screens and recharge our creative minds.

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