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Contrast Foundry Farm Specimen


Not just your average specimen with all of our typefaces disguised as a plant or a fruit. Radish Robert, leek CoFo Sans, papaya Chimera—each of the fonts has a separate section, that shows it off in action. Furthermore, you can get an idea of how to combine them with each other in all possible ways. The specimen might remind you of an agricultural magazine, and it rightly is inspired by a bunch of them, because we like to think about type design as a kind of organic farming. Have a look at it yourself and explore type farming with us!

Publisher: Contrast Foundry (CoFo)
Editors-in-Chief: Maria Doreuli, Nikita Sapozhkov
Text chief: Susanna Agababyan
Print: UP-print ([email protected])
Paper: Double V | HI-KOTE 80 g/m²
Colors: 4+4 Offset

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