Sensual by gloss, hooligan by nature: Aliona Doletskaya’s personal brand

In April 2016 we got a call from Misha Smetana (creative director of Tsentsiper Company) who invited us to collaborate on developing an identity for Aliona Doletskaya, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue and Interview magazines in Russia. We were asked to come up with a logo for Aliona’s new personal brand and  also to create an abbreviation that would be used in smaller sizes on porcelain tableware for example. As a part of the new identity we had to also come up with a typeface to go along. Three elements—logotype, sign and typeface—had to match with each other perfectly as the main elements of the visual identity for the new Aliona Doletskaya’s brand.

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According to the brief, the resulting identity was to be dashing but not provocative, eclectic and mettled and it  was also to incorporate Russian heritage and aristocratic chic with a British accent reflecting Aliona’s family origin. Comfortable, hooligan, naughty, sexy—these were the key-adjectives given to us to get the ball rolling. Colour-wise the client envisioned the identity in rose, powdery  shades to communicate beauty and tactility.




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