Aliona Doletskaya’s personal brand

In April 2016 we got a call from Misha Smetana (creative director of Tsentsiper Company) who invited us to collaborate and develop the identity for the personal fashion brand of Aliona Doletskaya, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Russia and Interview Russia magazines. Initially we were briefed not just to create a logo. We had to choose a corporate typeface to go along and also to create a sign, an abbreviation to be used on its own afterwards. Three elements: logotype, sign and typeface had to match with each other perfectly as the main elements of the visual identity for the new Aliona Doletskaya’s brand.



Designers: Maria Doreuli, Elizaveta Rasskazova

Art direction: Misha Smetana
Created in collaboration with Tsentsiper

Year: 2016

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